Selling a Home

Selling a Home

Selling a home can be one of the biggest investment returns you can have, with permanent financial ramifications. It calls for many informed decisions and the advice, knowledge and skill of a qualified real estate professional can be an invaluable asset. Typically, the commission for buyer and a seller agent are both included in the price of a home. So basically, when all is said and done, both services are paid for by the buyer when the home is purchased.

Selling Protocol for My Clients:

My clients work with me in the pre-listing stage through evaluating, planning and scheduling all the steps necessary before successfully listing.

I research homes and analyze market comparable values to ensure accurate guidance on a listing price for your home to attract buyers and yet, also hit the property appraisal amount.

I keep in continual communication with you throughout the entire selling process of your home. Anytime an offer, feedback and/or other situations arise about the property, I contact you.  I provide you with advice and communicate and negotiate on your behalf to the buyer agents and loan, escrow and title officers.    

As your agent, I am notified when anyone tours your home. This is done through the electronic key box service.  If the home is vacant, I get automatic notice and courtesy feedbacks at times. Typically, showing brokers also leave their cards in the home as well.

Buyers are attracted to your home through our various promotional venues and can be brought to the home through many other Real Estate firms as well as our own.

Referrals are my best source of clients. Please feel free to let others know about your experience with me. Whether buying and/or selling, I do my best to work for you.


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